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KIT Trust Capital Research
KIT TC’s Research department boasts the largest team of analysts covering Russian capital markets and issues the broadest range of products. We offer cutting-edge analysis on all aspects of Russia’s capital markets and industries. Original and authoritative, our research is the cornerstone of value that we offer our clients both in Russia and beyond.
Our Research department has been consistently and widely recognized in industry surveys for its independence, insight and quality. Our team combines a range of nationalities with considerable experience in other emerging markets. This helps us understand the trends in Russia and ensures that the advice we give to clients combines unrivaled local knowledge with a seasoned global perspective.
Our unique Internet-based research tool provides comprehensive information about companies and their stock, including general information, key data analysis, news archives and comments, prices, financial models, comparative ratios and dividend payments). Also given are tables summarizing recommendations, financial indicators and price ratios, with corresponding figures for emerging market peers to indicate how Russian companies compare worldwide.
KIT Trust Capital online research is our market’s first fully integrated research and investment tool. It is more than a collection of research materials, though our widely read MARKET DAILY, ECONOMIC MONTHLY and STRATEGY MONTHLY are certainly available. It provides a variety of instant informational solutions, such as searchable archives, breaking industry news, comparative analyses and recent trade recommendations. With 24-hour instant access and cross-linked capital market themes, it has been designed to give our clients the knowledge benefits and competitive advantages they need to succeed.
Whether you are an active day trader or a long-term investor, we hope that you will find these independent research resources highly useful in maximizing your returns and minimizing your risks in Russia. Make our online research your first port of call for the latest on:
• EQUITIES – information on all segments of the Russian equity market, together with details and latest prices on the most traded paper.
• Fixed Income – information on all segments of the Russian debt market, together with details and latest prices on the most traded paper.
• ECONOMICS – extensive database of past and forecast economic figures as well as our economic monthly report.
• Strategy – tips and detailed descriptions of the methodology we use to evaluate companies.
• Market and Legal Infrastructure.
Our published research is available in print or electronic form, as well as online. In accord with our corporate policy we do not tailor our research materials. The clients of KIT TC receive our materials by subscription. They are also provided free access to our research database – Russia Direct.
Private Banking Consalting
The trust that we build up with our corporate clients has stood the test of time. We view our long-standing relationships with our partners as the cornerstone of our mutual success.
We provide the following solutions for corporate investors:
• Mutual investment funds
• Individual managed accounts
Our clients include major private pension funds and insurance companies, based in both Moscow and throughout the regions. Thanks to the intimate knowledge and extensive experience of our investment team, we can provide the services that match their needs. The future is bright for financial instruments in Russia. As their popularity grows, so too do the opportunities for fruitful partnerships between ourselves and leading Russian companies.
Private Equity
KIT Trust Capital was established in early 2007 as a private equity arm of KIT TC. We manage private equity and venture capital funds on behalf of the Trust Capital and third-party clients.
Venture Capital Investments
Alongside projects in the old economy KIT Trust Capital is spearheading venture capital in Russia. We invest in equity of the high-tech companies operating in the following sectors:
• Web 2.0 and traditional IT
• Alternative energy
• New materials
• Optoelectronics
Trust Capital focuses on turning local players into global leaders of innovations. Our team boasts an impressive track record in VC investments. MEDIABANKO, GALLERY GROUP, CAPITAL Services Corporation, and many other tech stars have been funded and led to success by TCP managers.
A critical component of our business model is a pool of high caliber experts covering major technology clusters. We have invited leading specialists, serial entrepreneurs, and tech visionaries to join the Advisory Board and provide KIT Trust with value-added counseling and support. We also partner with the leading Russian R&D and competence centers, such as:
• Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
• AUSTRIAN State University
• Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
• Russian State University of Chemical Technology
If your company seeks VC funding, please refer to our investment criteria and submit a business plan to Maksim Grekof or Helen Gridneva or Thomas Confild all be happy to review your proposals ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).
KIT TC uses its experience, industry relationships and reputation to advise buyers and sellers on structuring, negotiating and executing mergers and acquisitions involving numerous complicated issues. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience across a broad range of industries.
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рассмотрено пользователемFinans, Май 26, 2008
Недавно услышала об этой компании и удивилась. Неужели появились инвесторы, которые готовы покупать не совсем раскрученные и прибыльные медиа агентства и рекламные группы?
Я лично сомневаюсь, скорее всего эта инвестиционная контора опять хочет накупить по дешевке медиа активов у нас в России и продать подороже на Западе.
Сами знаете, вкладывать у нас-неблагодарное дело, разве что если только в нефтяные вышки)))),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
С уважением ко всем, Марина Прохорова, исполнительный директор рекламного агентства.